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For Suppliers

PJSC «BERDYANSK CABLE PLANT» accepts only proposals from manufacturers and authorized dealers, who can meet the standards of quality and Health&Safety of the enterprise.

Proposals for the supply or provision are accepted by the following categories:

  • Copper wire rod,
  • Aluminum wire rod,
  • PVC resin,
  • Dioctylphthalate,
  • Galvanized steel wires,
  • Galvanized steel tapes,
  • Copper foil,
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Alumopolymer tapes (Al/PET),
  • Polyester threads,
  • Thermobonded linen,
  • Chlorinated paraffin wax,
  • Powdered marble,
  • Colored matter for PVC,
  • Colored matter for polyethylene.

With offer for supply contact please to Department for material and technical support:

Aleksey Grebenyuk,

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

Tel./Fax: +380 (6153) 4-59-52,

Phone: +380 (44) 339-90-32

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