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Power cables with XLPE insulation and polyethylene or polyethylene reinforced oversheath

Power cables with XLPE insulation and polyethylene or polyethylene reinforced oversheath

TU U 27.3-31850229-032:2014
IEC 60502-2



Power cables with XLPE insulation and polyethylene or polyethylene reinforced oversheath:

PvP, PvP, PvPu, PvPu (, , , )

3.6/6; 6/10; 8.7/15; 12/20; 18/30 kV

These cables are intended for transmission and power distribution in stationary installations of medium voltage, AC 50 or 60 Hz, and for networks with grounded and insulated neutral categories A, B and C, according to international standard IEC 60183 DSTU.

When the cable is installed outdoors without protection from solar radiation, including installation in cable constructions, it is necessary to provide additional measures of fire-fighting protection.

For installation on routes with unlimited difference of elevation.

Cables with reinforced oversheath are specially intended for laying at the complicated sections of the lines in accordance with the ETU.

Climate class (N) and (NF), location categories 1 and 2.

Ordering designation of cable: APvP – 6/10 kV 1×50/16.

Conformity the foreign-made analogues:
N2XS2Y, N2XS2Y (2XS2Y); NA2XS2Y, NA2XS2Y (A2XS2Y) VDE 0276-620:1996 (HD 620 S1, 5, 6)



Copper or aluminum round compacted or sector-shaped conductor (class 2 in accordance with GOST 22483)

Screen overlying of electroconductive core screen
Extruded electroconductive cross-linked polymer composition.

Insulation of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).

Screen over insulation
Extruded electroconductive cross-linked polymer composition.

Separation layer
A layer of electroconductive paper tape or electroconductive synthetic tape must be applied over cable core with sector-shaped conductors and also for single-core and three-core cables with round conductors.

Copper wires screen stranded copper tape
Copper wires screen must be laid over the layer of electroconductive tapes in the cables of all types.
Spiralled copper tape or copper wires skein must be laid over copper wires.

Separation layer
Separation layer of nonwoven fabric is laid over copper screen of single-core and three-core cables with sector-shaped conductors.

Cable core
Screened by copper wires round conductors of three-core cables are stranded into the cable core. The inner sheath is laid over the cable core. The inner sheath must be compatible with insulation material and oversheath.

Polyethylene (P). Reinforced oversheath is made from high-density polyethylene.

Technical characteristics

Nominal conductor cross-section 25 – 800 mm for single-core cables
25 – 400 mm for three-core cables
Nominal screen cross-section
Possible to produce cable with a larger screen cross-section , as agreed while placing the order
16–70 mm for single-core cables
16–50 mm for three-core cables
Ambient temperature during operation cable from -60 °C up to + 50 °C
Relative humidity at ambient temperatures up to (35±2) °C 98%
Minimal temperature of cable laying without pre-heating -20 °C
Allowed cable laying after pre-heating from -20 °C up to -40 °C
Maximum permissible temperature for the conductors heating:
  • protractedly
  • in emergency mode
  • in short circuit mode

+90 °C
+130 °C
+250 °C

Minimum allowed radius of bending during cable laying:
  • single-core cables
  • multicore cables

15 diameters of cable
12 diameters of cable

The level of partial discharges no more 10 pKi
Guarantee period 5 years
Service life 30 years

Permissible current loads and permissible short-circuit currents for these cables are described in cross-section «Reference data».

Manufactured cable length may be agreed with the customer request.

The manufacturer can ensure compliance of cable quality with requirements of current technical specification, provided all terms of transportation, storage, installation and use have been observed.

On customers request is allowed other marking of cable.

All products are certified.

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