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Extra flexible screened power cable for mining application

Extra flexible screened power cable for mining application

TU U 31.3-31850229-025:2008
IEC 60502-1 (1998-11)



KOGVESH () 0.66 kV

Cables are designated for connection of mining drilling electric tools at rated voltage up to 660 V AC, 50 Hz with an insulated neutral at ambient temperature from -30 C up to +50 C.



Multicore copper stranded round conductors (not less 5 class in accordance with GOST 22483 – 77).

Insulation of main and auxiliary conductors
Thermoplastic compound from polyvinylchloride resin.

Screen over insulation of main and auxiliary conductors
Semiconducting screen from electroconductive PVC compound.

Earth conductor
Earth conductor is uninsulated.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) compound.

Technical characteristics

Number and nominal cross-section of main and auxiliary conductors and earth conductor:

Number and nominal cross-section of conductors, mm
mains conductors earth conductors auxiliary conductors
3×1.5 1×1.5 1×1.5
3×2.5 1×2.5 1×2.5
3×4 1×4.0 1×2.5
3×6 1×4.0 1×2.5

Conductors resistance calculated for 1 km at 20 C complies:

Nominal cross-section of conductors, mm Conductors resistance calculated for 1 km of 1 km of cable, Ohm, no more
1.5 14.52
2.5 8.50
4.0 5.63
6.0 3.60

Insulation resistance of main and auxiliary conductors calculated for 1 km at 20 C is at least:

  • at acceptance and delivery - 5 MOhm;
  • for operational and storage period – 0.5 MOhm.

Screens resistance at temperature at 20 C – max. 1000 Ohm.

Cables endure variable stress level tests of 2.5 kV with rated frequency of 50 Hz for 5 minutes without immersing in water.

Number of cycles at bending with axial torsion at angle ±7 π radian must not be less than:

Nominal cross-section of main conductors, mm Number of cycles at bending with axial torsion
1.5 35000
2.5 28000
4.0 22000
6.0 22000

Cables are flame retardant with a single laying.

Manufactured cable length: not less 150 m.

Durable permissible conductor temperature must not exceed 70 C.

Minimum tolerable bend radius of the cable at installation and operation must equal to min. 3 overall diameters of the cable.

Cable must not be twisted to the angle larger than 2π radian per 1 meter in either direction.

Load creating nominal tension force of cable at bending – 10 N at 1 mm of total cross-section of all conductors.

Cable should not subjected influence of splitting and pressure loads.

Cable should have end sealing-off of main conductors.

During operation earth conductor should be connected to earthing device.

Cable must not be used in case its oversheath is damaged.

Guarantee period: 6 months from commissioning date.

The manufacturer can ensure compliance of cable quality with requirements of current technical specification, provided all terms of transportation, storage, installation and use have been observed.

Service life: 2 years.

All products are certified.

Permissible current loads
Nominal conductor cross-section, mm Permissible current loads, A Permissible short-circuit currents, kA
1.5 25 0.17
2.5 37 0.27
4.0 46 0.43
6.0 59 0.65
Technical Data (reference values)

Nominal conductor cross-section, mm Nominal overall diameter, mm Weight of 1 km cable, kg
31.5+11.5+11.5 17.2 397
32.5+12.5+12.5 18.0 467
34.0+14.0+12.5 20.5 617
36.0+14.0+12.5 21.9 742

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