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Mining power flexible screened explosion-proof cables

Mining power flexible screened explosion-proof cables

TU U 31.3-31850229-005-2003



GESHuS-PB 1.14 kV
(- 1.14 kV)

Cables are designed to connect mining movable machines and mechanisms to power systems at rated voltage up to 1.14 kV AC, 50 Hz at main conductors and up to 0.220 kV 50 Hz at auxiliary conductors.

Cables are designed for operation at ambient temperature from -30 C up to +50 C and (98±2) % relative air humidity at temperature (35±2) C.



Multicore copper round conductors (not less 5 class in accordance with GOST 22483 – 77).

Insulation of main and auxiliary conductors
Polyvinylchloride (PVC) compound of low hardness.

Screen over main conductors
Electroconductive compound.

Earth conductor
Earth conductor is divaricated on individual cores and consists from three cores; the total cross-section is not less than 10 mm. Elastic screen from electroconductive compound laid over each of the individual cores of earth conductor.

Auxiliary conductors
Four insulated auxiliary conductors and three screened earth conductors are twisted together in cable core. The elastic screen from electroconductive compound is laid over the cable core.

Main insulated conductors stranded around screened cable core. Intervals between screened cable core and main conductors are filled by insulated cable bundles of synthetic thread during twisting.

Two-layer polyvinylchloride compound of low hardness oversheath is laid over stranded conductors of cable. Oversheath is reinforced by steel-copper braid. Upon customers request allow strengthening cable oversheath by another materials do not impairing the strength characteristics of the cable.

Technical characteristics

Conductors resistance calculated for 1 km at 20C complies:

  • for main and earth conductors complies with GOST 22483-77 at acceptance and delivery;
  • for auxiliary conductors of cross-section 2.5 mm - no more 8.85 Ohm;
  • for operational and storage period – no more 120% from normalized at acceptance and supply.

    Insulation resistance of conductors calculated for 1 km at 20 C is at least:

  • at acceptance and delivery:
  • for main conductors - 50 MOhm;
  • for auxiliary conductors – not less 20 MOhm;
  • for operational and storage period for main and auxiliary conductors – 1 MOhm.

    Cable screens resistance at temperature at 20 C no more:

  • at acceptance and delivery – 1.5 kOhm;
  • for operational and storage period - 2.0 kOhm.

    Cables endure AC voltage test and 50 Hz frequency during 5 minutes without immersing in water as follows:

  • at acceptance and delivery:
  • 3.5 kV for main conductors;
  • 1.5 kV for auxiliary conductors;
  • for operational and storage period – no more 75% from normalized at acceptance and supply.

    Manufactured cable length: not less 200 m.

    Cables of variable lengths may be delivered upon request.

    Cables resist bending with axial torsion and endure number of cycles as follows:

  • to ± π/2 radian - 9000 cycles. Minimum bend radius of the cable – 130 mm.
  • number of cycles at bending with axial torsion at angle ±3 π radian must not be less than 5000 cycles.

    Breaking strength of the cable: not less 140 N.

    Cables resists crushing stress of min. 8 kN.

    Cables resist to strike he firing pin, without damage of sheath and insulation, three strike by the firing pin in one place with energy not less 70 joule.

    Cables are flame retardant with a single laying.

    Fire resistant of cable is not less 0.5 hour. Limit of flame spreading during burning of cable oversheath is not less 100 mm.

    Oxygen index of the insulation cable conductors – min. 25 %. Oxygen index of oversheath of cables – min. 27 %.

    Maximal surface temperature of cable oversheath in short-circuit through an arc is no more than 87 C.

    Cables resist destructive effect of lubricating oils and diesel oil.

    Construction of cables is hermetical.

    Service life: 1.5 years.

    All products are certified.

  • Operating directions

    Min. tolerable bending radius of cables at installation and operation must equal min. 5 overall diameters of the cable.

    Durable permissible heating temperature of conductors must not exceed 75 C.

    The manufacturer can ensure compliance of cable quality with requirements of current technical specification, provided all terms of transportation, storage, installation and use have been observed.

    Guarantee period: 6 months from commissioning date.

    Technical Data (reference values)

    Number and nominal cross-section of conductors, mm Nominal overall diameter, mm Weight of 1 km cable, kg
    6×25+3×3.5+4×2.5 53.6 4800
    6×35+3×3.5+4×2.5 55.8 5549

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