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Control cables

Control cables

Mining flexible cables

KGVSH () 60 V

Mining flexible cables are intended for operating with spark - proof control devices for AC voltage 60 V and nominal frequency 50 Hz in underground conditions.

Cables are designated for operating at ambient temperature from -30 C to +50 C and relative humidity up to 98 % at 35 C. In conditions of mounting and operating bending: -5 C.

Armoured control cables

(, , ) 660 V

Cables are designated for fixed connection to electric devices at nominal AC voltage up to 0.660 kV and 100 Hz at ambient temperature from -30 C to +50 C and relative humidity up to 98 % at 35 C.

KVVKbSHv, KVVKbSHp cables are designated for underground laying (trenches), in conditions of exposure to corrosive substances and stray current, provided cables are not exposed to significant stretching stresses. Cables are flame retardant with a single laying.

KVVKbSHvng cables are intended for laying in cable constructions requiring fire safety of bundled cables.

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