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Power flexible cables

Power flexible cables

IEC60502-1 (1998-11)



KPGUv () 0.66 kV

Cables are designated to connect movable devices or electroconductive installations to power systems at bending’s with radius no less 10 diameters, at ambient temperature from -40 C to +50 C.



Multicore copper round stranded conductors (equal to or more than class 5 in accordance with GOST 22483-77).

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) compound.

Cable core
Insulated conductors twisted around insulated bundle.
Bundle is based polyester thread.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) compound.

Technical characteristics

Number and nominal conductors cross-section:

Number of conductors Nominal conductors cross-section, mm
main neutral main neutral
3 1 70 - 185 25 - 95

Other number and cross-section of insulated conductors may be delivered upon request.

Conductors resistance of conductors calculated for 1 km at 20 C complies:

  • at acceptance and delivery - with GOST 22483-77;
  • for operational and storage period – no more 110% from normalized at acceptance and delivery of cable.

Insulation resistance calculated for 1 km at 20 C is at least:

  • at acceptance and delivery – 50 MOhm;
  • for operational and storage period – 0.05 MOhm;

Cables endure AC voltage test and 50 Hz frequency during 5 minutes as follows:

  • 2.5 kV - at acceptance and delivery for multicore cables without immersing in water, and for single-core cables with immersing in water;
  • 1.5 kV - for operational and storage period.

Cables with conductor cross-section area 6 mm and above must resist repetitive π/2 rads bends at min. 49 H tensile force.

Nominal diameter of rollers and number of cycles bending:

Nominal main conductors cross-section, mm Nominal diameter of rollers, mm Number of alternating bending, min.
70 – 120 400 4000
150 – 185 600 4000

Cables are flame retardant with a single laying.

Manufactured cable length: min. 150 m.

Protractedly permissible temperature for the conductors heating: min. 70 C.

Stretching force on a cable for 1 mm of the total conductors area is max. 19.6 H.

Minimum permissible bending radius of the cable at installation and routing must equal to min. 10 outer diameters of the cable.

The manufacturer can ensure compliance of cable quality with requirements of current technical specification, provided all terms of transportation, storage, installation and use have been observed.

All products are certified.

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