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1107 Hazeltine Blvd Suite 485 Chaska MN, 55318, USA,
Phone (1) 952- 546-5959

Our Mission

Our Mission

We provide sector of the national economy of high-quality and safe cables and wires production.

Individual approach to each client, flexible pricing policy with a high degree of reliability of contractual obligations -
are our main focus of work.

We are
united and strong team! Sharing common tasks, we are acting in the interests of the Company!

Our values are:
Production, Development, Efficiency, Professionalism and Responsibility.
2003–2020 CJSC Production Association Berdyansk Cable Plant
71101, Ukraine, Zaporozhye region,
Berdyansk, Promyshlennaya St., 2b
Phone: +380-6153-20000 (reception)
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