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PJSC «BERDYANSK CABLE PLANT», as an individual economic structure, was founded on the base of «Azovkabel», one of the oldest cable works of the former USSR. These works were holding the second place in the country by the volume of manufactured products. We try do not waste this rating; moreover, we try to develop and improve the potential of the works. Geography of our sales is constantly expanding.

Product range comprises more than five thousand types of cable. Extra heavy-duty cables are our main focus. Underground and underwater cables, cables for aggressive and dangerous environments are our line of business. We have big positive experience in manufacturing of highly technical cables for aggressive environments. Base on this experience, our company constantly and successfully develops and improves as cable design, hence keeping the production standards. Scientific and production potential, huge experience and professionalism allow our company to develop new designs for cables and wires to meet various requirements of the customer.

Our company was the first in Ukraine to obtain the certificate of Research Studies Institute for Safety in mining industry (MAKNII) and started industrial manufacture of mining power cables with polyvinylchloride (PVC) insulation.
Only these cables comply with modern exclusive safety standards.

We successfully produce power flexible, control and mine communication, telephone cables, and power cables for rated voltage up to 30 kV, self–supporting insulated wire for overhead power lines, connecting wires and cores, wires for electric devices, non–insulated copper flexible wires, cables and wires for rolling stock, railway and electrical transport, heating wires and other cable and wire products. Power cables with the cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation producing on the equipment of the world-leading manufacturer «MAILLEFER».

With regard to safety requirements, the company applies production of improved fire – resistant cables.

We are a company with a closed production cycle.

Our company has its own production facilities for the manufacture of insulating materials of different complexity.

We have accredited central factory laboratory, laboratory of metrology and department of standardization with high qualified staff that allows controlling the quality of our products and providing service to other companies.

The requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2009 corresponds to the production that has been introduced and continuously improving the quality management system. It is a worldwide-acknowledged certificate, which is a forcible argument for the benefit of any cooperation with our company.

Quality – our proposal and this principle has never let us down.

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